Tuesday, 23 February 2010

What's Up.

I'm taking a brief break from my essay ("“Whilst the Catholic Church has recently reversed its trial verdict on Galileo, it could not have done so in the seventeenth century.” Discuss.") in order to remind myself and tell you lot how dull but otherwise busy life I've got going for me at the moment.

Essay-writing is the obvious biggy: I've written a grand total of 1914/2500 words of this 'discussion', and I'm trying to write about 400-500 words as a conclusion, since I honest-to-peanut-butter can't think of anything else I can or want to say about the matter. The modern church had scientific evidence called Space Rockets and Satellite Telescopes. Galileo didn't. Get over it.

After that I am moving on to the period just before the Catholic Church's Protestant woes, by reading up and forming a plan for my essay entitled ''Was the late-fifteenth/early-sixteenth-century Church in Britain 'ripe for reform'?"
It'll either stay that way, or I'll realise I'm writing more that's relevent to the ''Does the history of Lollardy in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries justify the description of John Wyclif as the 'Morning Star of the Reformation'?". Both can easily cross into the other, and so long as I answer ONE of the questions, I'll be fine, apparently.

As for my final essay, I probably will discuss the extent in which the history of the Middle East is shaped by deterministic factors (Geography, Topography, resources, that nonsense). I have a vague enough answer to that, and know more or less what I'm looking for in reading materials. I just hope that not many people are doing said essay, as this will be done last. I'll have 3 weeks to write it, though, if I finish Galileo today and crack on with the Pre-Ref stuff tomorrow.

It's all rather hard to get into the zone, you know, when your brain bloody thinks about everything else - creative writing plots, food, drink, toilet, catching up with certain people, calling home, fiscal matters, the blog, facebook, creative writing plots, sleep, facebook... =P
I've done one of the most thorough plots to my latest writing project yet, since I'm really quite serious about it. You should all check out Fantasia of Maus's Projects Page to get a sniff of what I'm up to.

I've also got to decide whether or not I'm going to go on the Heroes vs Villains bar crawl tomorrow with the history society - if I don't, it'll be the first social I'll have missed since being ill. That's saying a lot. I should get a medal, really, for being so devoted to my Society. I'll grab some cat ears from the News Agents, and eye-liner pencil or something from a friend, or failing that, just use a felt tip, and draw on some whiskers and claim to be Cat Woman. She's not a hero, per se, I know, but I don't care. I've not got the materials to make a cape. If we were being the villains, I'd use the vampire cape, put on dark eye shadow again and I'd be sorted. Oh well.

Ooo. Idea. Get green face paint, a green wig, and I'm done as She Hulk. Bargain. Wear a green top and skirt and that'll cover the whole "I'm not supposed to be wearing a lot" thing. Too bad I don't have green tights. Oh well.
Actually. I'd probably be mistaken for Shrek or Fiona. Screw that idea.

I've also got to think about what exactly I want to run for for the next exec - Chair person? Social Secretary? I am quite into the idea of Social Sec, but I'll talk to Angela, the current one, about how much time exactly it takes up - I'm fine booking places, arranging things and such. I can always delegate, too, which I suppose is good. (Ball organisation and stuff, for example)

And I can't stop thinking about various other things I have to do, anxieties I have about going on holiday when I am, and ker-razy happenings in my social groups.

I should probably conclude my essay (the one that'll get me academic marks, not this one, though this one will draw to a close as a result), so I'll stop typing now...

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