Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Time wasted. For now...

Well I thought I'd give this blogger-compatible software thingymajig a try, to create my own template background. The template of the blog itself had many things I didn't want, but couldn't get rid of, and I think that is what ultimately cause it to epically FAIL. But then it's my first ever background. For anything. (Other than posters and the like.) So I thought I'd give it a go. I figured that if it worked, ''great!", if not, then I'd have to go learn all the more technical stuffs about webpage design and crap. Which is fine. Just. I haven't got the time at the moment.

Did however resize the header for this page, just to use it for a while...

I did take screenshots. I wanted to go for a sketchy look, since I do indeed sketch and doodle a LOT. I'm not necessarily very good, but it doesn't stop me when my fingers get itchy holding a pen, and the lecture is very very dull.

There was more at the bottom of the page, but I over anticipated how tall the background was supposed to be. But about...1000 pixels. But that's cool. I can edit it. x)

So you see, I spent about... an hour on this actual program, and about two hours trying to sort out Photoshop, since it decided to metaphorically blow up.
When it came to exporting however, the html didn't work. All the I had to show for it was the icons for the RSS, Edit, Author and New Comment buttons. Nice.

I do have other tutorials for non-software reliant template making that I can try out when I'm not supposed to be writing essays or doing homework. Urgh.
Got some which even base their ways around photoshop, and go into the html of it all any shizz so it should be very very un-fun and off-putting.
In fact, since writing this (30mins ago?) I have found an actually very simple and very good tutorial that CAN NOT GO WRONG. Well. Only where colour swatch titles are concerned.
After writing the above italicised text, I have tried out said tutorial, and yes it CAN go wrong, since the person writing it has not given the right instructions...

So anyway, that's how I've spent my evening. I'm now going to actually eat something. Nothing too heavy though, as I'm supposed to sleep in around 2 hours.

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