Sunday, 14 February 2010

"Roar out louder! / The quiet fairy is in your sight. / Roar out louder! / To compensate you must gather the shards of a broken love."

The twilight thickens, as the bare trees silhouette against the dark, cold pastel-blue sky. Lights appear at the windows in near by buildings, and there are distant smells of evening meals being prepared. Girls get ready to go out for dinner, or are preparing the kitchen for a nice meal in with another.

Others continue with their work, oblivious to such rituals. Some phone their long-distance partner for a chat, others miss their partner because s/he's away from home for some reason or other. Or people are forcibly reminded once again that they are alone.
Valentine's Day. The day that couples are obliged to splash out and spoil each other, or friends send each other anonymous cards with their own little trade mark to tell each other how much they like each other.(Friendship love or otherwise.)

Valentine's Day, with it's lurid-coloured cards, balloons, tacky little ''meaningful'' ornaments, fake roses, specialised chocolates and pink valentine's day champagne. It's message shining bright and clear through the array of reds and pinks: "Buy the person you love a card, otherwise s/he'll be very upset!"
Apparently, my own boyfriend got lectured by the girls at his workplace last week when he mentioned that "we don't do Valentine's Day".
What's that!? How can you NOT!?! It's not as though you have enough special days in the year to think about! They're only the birthday, christmas and anniversary! You must celebrate something else otherwise what's the point!?

In my opinion, quite honestly, along with the whole charity message preached by that complete plank, Geldof, at Christmas, Valentine's Day can go sod itself in it's lack-of-meaning charade.

Where's the spontaneity? The year-round affection and tit-bits of special occasion that you create yourself?

Geldof has managed to copy Valentine's Day, by forcing Christmas to be that *one* time of year that you give to Charity and "feed the world, let[ting] them know it's Christmas". (Cheers, but the famine happened 3 months ago you prick.) Christmas shouldn't be the one time of year people begrudgingly dig into their pockets any more than Valentine's Day and the other two set days of the year (Birthday and Anniversary) should be the only times the other half feels comfortable or pushed into treating the person he loves.

Valentine's would probably not be so bad, if, as a girl I know pointed out, women weren't expected to be the one's being lavished upon. There is nothing wrong with a woman spoiling her man back - more than just a reciprocated present and cute squeals of delight in the face of whatever her man has surprised her with, but she is allowed to cook for him if she wishes, or, even better, if you're a couple that likes spoiling each other mutually, you could both club together for a thoroughly expensive and flashy evening out in a restaurant or theatre.

Never mind the psychological effects it can have: Stress for the partner who can't think of anything original to get for the Xth VDay they've had with that person; stress about what's ''romantic'', or ''fun'', or ''not cheesy''; depression for those who've recently had a sticky break up or whose other half is travelling elsewhere on the day; eye-sore for those buying birthday cards in Clinton's and don't give a fig about Valentine's Day; and most of all annoyance of those criticised by others for not really bothering!

What am I doing for Valentine's Day? Ringing my boyfriend later, if he isn't too bogged down with his more important work, eating chocolate ice cream and doing work of my own.
After all, I saw him last week and that was infinitely more special than a perfunctory card once a year.

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