Tuesday, 16 February 2010

*Ribbit* I'm a frog!

Today I have seen Disney's latest and back-to-old-fashioned 2D hand drawn film, The Princess and the Frog. And what a strange experience that was - but the good kind, don't worry.

You should all know the story - Guy is turned into a frog, frog needs someone to kiss her (disney twist is that she turns into one too, otherwise it's far too short a story without a deep hidden message) and boom! He turns into the Prince he was, and they get married, and all their dreams come true happily ever after.

The twist is that it's nasty voodoo. Yes. The evil voodoo witch doctor of New Orleans uses the prince to achieve his goal to take over the city, so that he can repay his ''friends'' with countless souls. Froggy prince is charming but he isn't all he's cracked up to be, finds a girl in a tiara in a pretty dress, tells her to kiss him, and cause she's also got some (though in her case, minor,) issues with her lifestyle, apart from not being the princess he ''needs'', so she turns into a frog as well. Oops.

But all's good cause eventually they work out what they want, even if it's too supposedly too late.
With fantastic artwork, incredibly corny scenes, fabulous singing and jazzy New Orleans music of the 20s as well as Louis Armstrong-wannabe alligator, this film is great for the family.
Just watch out - as apparently youngsters might be scared by (what I thought to be awesome) evil voodoo scenes.

It may not quite be a cut above the other classic Disney films we all know and love, but it's a certainly not a disappointing return to the classic artwork style in the face of all the amazing 3D effects and computer work we've been experiencing these past few years.

If I go a bit more English Lit'ish on you, I could also say that it was refreshing having a heroine that wasn't hopelessly dreaming and waiting for something to happen - Tiana really worked to get what she wanted, even at the expense of her own ignored emotional happiness. The Prince instead was the helpless loser, (though I thought all the princes in past films were a bit wet) and although he's quicker on the ball when realising what Good Voodoo Lady was on about, it was the good intentions he had once he realised that saved em. Not just turning up at the right moment (*cough* Snow White *cough*). Yippee!

I couldn't help but count the (whether intentional or not) past Disney films they plugged in theme, style or character. I'm sure there was Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp and bits of The Sword in the Stone echoing throughout. Probably more, if I think about it hard enough!

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