Friday, 26 February 2010


I wonder, whilst writing my essay on the topic, whether Richard II, had he been allowed to have the people in court that he wanted by the (out of order, imo) barons opposing him, would have had a successful reign.

He did show signs of hot-headedness. It's true - he was quite a spoiled brat, and once he had suspicions about someone it took very little to set him off. But then, once fond of someone, he did elevate them to heights, and there's no real evidence that I've read to suggest that said people would have been overly corrupted.

One of those big ''what if'' moments.

I changed the language of my facebook to French today. I'm in a French mood, and it's kinda like subliminal revision. Not that I get many phrases out of it. But I could watch French films, couldn't I?

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