Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Photo A Day

A friend of mine, through a forum and now Facebook, came up with a really quite fun and original New Year's Resolution; to take a photograph every day for a year, no matter what she's doing. I've seen some of the photos so far, and it looks great fun, and I commented on how I liked the idea, but my life wasn't half as interesting photographically.

She said I should try it for a month, and surprise myself - so I have taken up the challenge. From the 1st of March, I shall be taking a photo a day. I'll upload them onto Facebook, and here (photo slide-show gadget somewhere I suspect) and you can mock or marvel at my photographic skillz and or my life.

There'll of course be the difficulties she listed - not going out but taking one anyway, going out but nothing interesting, or going out and forgetting to charge the batteries. The latter of which will be more prevalent for me, I suspect, as the batteries die after about 3 photos being taken. If I'm lucky. They seem to last ages when I've no need of them, of course!

Gee. Suddenly I feel as though I've got something more exciting to do. Even if it's a picture of the pile of books on my desk or empty glasses and such in my room.

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