Thursday, 4 February 2010

"On the road again - Just can't wait to get on the road again. The life I love is making music with my friends"

My suitcase is packed. Some clothes that require immediate washage are in my rucksack for after my lecture, and I've got my train tickets. This time Saturday morning I'll still be asleep, but in a 'strange' bed. Oo-er.
There might even be a man in it. Unless he's really *awesome* and has already by that time sneaked downstairs and made me breakfast. ;)

^_^ Eee. Seeing my Man-Thing tomorrow night. I get up at 8. I do my 10 am lecture, my 12pm lecture, my 1pm seminar, my 2pm seminar (urgh) then at 2.50 I wish my friends a good weekend, rush to my room, grab my suitcase, put things into my rucksack I hadn't already (unless I just use a different bag tomorrow) and then off to the train station I go, once having acquired some food for the journey. Train leaves at 4.57. Plenty of time. I need to get there at 4.30 ideally.

Then I change at Wolverhampton. (Not been there yet, but it can't be worse than Leeds or Birmingham New Street) and then I get to Bournemouth at about 10.15pm. Where he shall hug me, warm me up a bit, take my bag, and as we go back to his, I can decide whether I'm too shattered by the journey to go round his friend's for a bit, since they want to meet me and she thinks it'd be nice, rather than me meeting about 20 of them Saturday afternoon all at once.
Which is fair, but either way I'll be ok I guess.

Right. So today I'm going to my 10am (in a minute) then I'm doing washing, whilst trying to write up a report on della Porta, and possibly getting a book in the short loan on it. Then I'm either getting lunch or going to the workshop about some Marxist guy... which I don't know I will. And then this evening I'm going to the history society lecture which is for once relevant to my course (specially since the course tutor's doing it) and there'll be thai food afterwards in town. Yum yum.

Phoo. Better get going. But I have hiccoughs! ;_;

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