Monday, 1 February 2010


Aye, there is a strange electronic noise that's taken our flat by mixed surprise and alarm, as it's noisily emitted from the room next to me, at least twice a day. Sometimes as much as four times. Good stuff - shows it's NOT battery powered, and (apart from the lack of quite the right sort of noise) therefore not a vibrator. 
(My flatmate so wants it to be a giant rubber penis or something. The childish thing.)

It's incredibly loud, and as I allow my pc to stay on later and later, as the close-by humming of the tower quite competes with the noise coming through my door and wall, I do know when it's happening because as people go to and from the kitchen (which is opposite) I hear them telling each other at each other's bedroom doors that it's "happening again" and "I could hear it all the way down here" (here being the other end of the long corridor). 

I have a great desire to ask the girl in the room whether it's her new hair dryer. Partly because I want to know if it's a warped fan/heater or hair dryer (air is definitely involved in this electronic device) and partly because if it IS a new hair drier, then her excuses last term for taking 3 hours at 1am to dry her hair were blatant lies - she claimed her hair drier was broken and so took her longer. The girl still takes a good 50 minutes longer than I do, drying my hair, and my hair's thicker than hers! Mine's done in less than 10 minutes - usually about 5. Depends on how much I've towel-dried it first. Perhaps she should consider doing that and dry her body (perhaps even get dressed!) before she immediately descends upon her poor, heat-damaged hair that's still dripping wet, fresh from the shower. It being broken and therefore ''taking longer'' doesn't explain why she does it three times a day, either.

Crazy times. I've actually recorded the noise on my phone. Unfortunately I have no way of uploading it. But should it ever occur that I'll have to call The Porter at 3am because she's at it when everybody else is trying to sleep, I'll have some evidence. Sounds ridiculous even through the tiny tiny speakers my phone has!

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