Saturday, 27 February 2010

La langue d'amour.

J'ai changée la langue facebook au français, pour la révision. C'est très joli. 
Il y a quatre jours, j'ai regardée le film français, La Belle et la Bête et maintenant je révise mon français avec Facebook et petites expressions.
J'adore les langues de la monde. <3 Français, allemand et espagnol.


Mais oui. Or rather, but yes. If your French is poor, then I shall translate: I've changed my facebook into French, to revise. It's quite fun. Four days ago, I watched the French film (can't remember what film is in French), La Belle et la Bête, (Beauty and the Beast), and now I am revising my French with Facebook and small phrases here and there. (Didn't say here and there).
I love the languages of the word. <3 French, German and Spanish.

I've been leaving random French convos with my grandmother, and my poor Boyfriend - but for him, only little phrases such as 'Je t'aime, tu m'aimes <3', to keep it simple. xD Talk about practising my grammar. Which isn't very good. I do have slip ups - I put 'le' on facebook, instead of 'la' as here, but that's really just sloppiness, rather than my not knowing.

I do wish I had the same capacity as my grandmother to learn and fluent-ise and maintain fluentness with languages, I really do, but I just didn't work hard enough or had quite the head, for all my accents being very good.

The film was easy enough to watch - had subtitles, but I'd have understood quite a bit if I'd taken them away, cause you don't have to worry about plot, names are simple, and the sentences were pretty short, with it being more visual. I would have needed help with the intense scene where Belle does shout at Beast, though. 
It was a good film. 1946. Spent their budget on the amazing effects (for that time - the Beast's costume was fabulous, and the props and set and the teleporting stuff, and the like was impressive), so it was in Black and White (Technicolor was very much around, then)

Interesting film, either way. And very weird.

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