Thursday, 4 February 2010

Interesting American Things.

Remember 'French Fries' being renamed in America as ''Freedom Fries''?
Well they've gone one step further, according to a friend of mine's facebook status.

"Xxxx Xxxx : German measles renamed as 'liberty measles' by a Massachusetts physician = highlight of doing dissertation research today".

There we have it.

If you get Liberty Measles, I guess you've got the liberty to not get them again, if you wish.

In continuation with this conversation over facebook, I asked him about it, and he said
"Nope, just a superpatriot being an idiot. At the moment my dissertation ranges from the nonsensical renaming sauerkraut and measles, to the horrific persecution of conscientious objectors. It's just becoming depressing..."

I've asked him what Sauerkraut is now called. Should've been obvious, really: "Liberty Cabbage".


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