Thursday, 11 February 2010

"I want to go back to Bournemouth...."

Yes. Since coming back, I've had dissertation pressures and angst, essay angst, food angst (I have none!), eye shadow in my eye and I've had to cook for myself. And I'm frozen, even here in my flat. Life is hard without my big cuddly Man-Thing to take care of my emotional and temperature-al well-being.

The dissertation nonsense is really quite irritating. Don't they realise we have 4 essays to write by the week after they want us to have pre-researched our topic choices?
The essays I can handle, if left to it, thanks.

Exams will be an on-going nightmare until I graduate, unfortunately. Apparently 2nd and 3rd years do them about two months before first years; whatever COMPLETE MORON thought that up. Why on earth do first years get two months to revise for exams in which they need a mere 40% to pass AND it doesn't make a difference to their final degree? Why are those doing their degrees given less time to do essays and revision with a low-mark-yet-massive-time-chewing 10thousand word essay on top of that?

I know what you're thinking: "If she's so under pressure, why isn't she doing said essays?" Well screw you, I'm on my dinner break. *tongue out*
I also spent my afternoon trying to sell the remainder ball tickets in the freezing cold. We sold just one, but that won't dampen my, Kate and Hannah's super duper enthusiasm for the awesome clothes and general make up bonanza.

On the upside. I missed nothing of importance this week with my 3 lectures. Huzzah.

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