Thursday, 25 February 2010

How to become Budget Black Cat (Spiderman) for a fiver, in five steps.

Step One: Buy a plain black masquerade mask for £1.25
Step two: Buy a Tarts and Vicars cat outfit for £3.99
Step three: Wear a black top, dark jeans and tuck them into your leather boots. Heels preferred, but can't be helped if you have flatties. (I have suede boots with fur on the top, so I'm wearing those)
Step four: Put on the mask and cat ears, and tail - discard the bow tie.
Step five: Put on some darkish lipstick or borrow long black gloves from a friend. (Optional on both counts)

You're done.

(Webcam since my camera's out of commission)

I don't care if people say she's not a hero, cause frankly, she's not a villain either (she's an anti-hero), and when have I ever properly fitted in anywhere? =P

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