Saturday, 13 February 2010

"After-party lipstick looks as though something bled on my lips and it dried there".

The evidence of a good night: Knotted hair, mildly smudged undereye make up, dried out lipstick and heavy eyelids, sore feet (for whatever shoe-related reason). Oh, and a great big grin on my face.

At roughly 5pm I reached the end of the labyrinth that is South West Campus and half-watched Priscilla Queen of the Desert, since it was on the television in Hannah's oh-so-tidy room. It's lucky she didn't come to mine...
Once we'd ascertained my hair was not to be curled, and I jealously watched her put on her make up (her blusher smells of strawberry ^_^) as her short, bright yellow hair twisted in cool ways, we eventually went to meet Kate and others at the bus station.

What a party we were. A mini-Madonna, a girl in a red coat with what looks like nothing but 3/4 tights, white pumps and florescent pink leg warmers on, an 80s opera singer (Kate in a full on ball gown with a feather boa and 80s make up and curled hair) and then of course there's Simon who dresses in a cape, cravat and 1880s hat. Typical. There's always one.
Well, actually, last  night there were two, and unfortunately for Simon, I have to say Jake's costume was that extra bit amazing. His hat had a wig attached, and he had all the frills and breeches.

On the bus we all had a giggle. Then a bit of a laugh as they watched me putting on Kate's lipstick whilst leaning against the standing-up leaning board thing on the bus. I'd not normally go for bright red (though the flash brings out the red far more than in real life - coat and all) - for obvious reasons; my mouth is too full for bright red - but it was fun and well, the 80s only ever had blue eye-shadow and red lipstick. Madonna only got away with the lippy cause she didn't have such a prominent M-shaped top lip xD (I don't like that woman :D)

The party at Revs, though initially a bit sceptical about the so-called ''80s décor", was a success. Sure, we paid £50 for a few balloons and some gauze here and there, but it was our own little bash and incredibly stupid people walking through the ''wall'' (curtains) to get upstairs, instead of going around the tables in the other room didn't ruin it. In fact, it was rather amusing watching them get lost.

Some people didn't stick around for long, or arrived late, but that didn't matter. We had so much fun just being silly and dancing along to old tunes long dumped by radio but not forgotten by our brains.

What I love about music, is if it's fun enough, cool enough or not-club-mix-y enough, I can just totally let go and go with it. People might think I'm drunk or extremely hyper (I guess I was a bit hyper, yeah) but we had such a laugh. And nobody can deny that watching me do the robot is rather amusing.
Only thing missing was The Ghostbusters theme tune. The DJ's repertoire was relatively limited.
 It was really weird at one point though - I needed a top up of Kate's lippy but cause I didn't have my mirror on me, I got Hannah to put it on me. I could see James and his friend watching us out of the corner of my eye. I had to concentrate SO hard not to start laughing and get it smeared all over my face.

The party did draw to a close a little earlier than I'd normally have liked, but I was rather ravenous by the end of it - so whilst everyone else went on to dance in 80s gear at the 90s night of Sugarhouse, I joined my friends back to campus to eat at Pizzetta.
The bus driver glared at us all at one point, refusing to drive on. It eventually emerged it was because of Jade's drinking out of a glass - not the drinking, just that it was glass. Fair enough. It was *so* embarrassing though. Oh dear me.

And I left my umbrella in the initial room we had to wait in at Revs, so that's probably gone for ever. I'll give them a ring later, but nobody had handed it in when I asked at the end of the evening. I danced a tribute song or two, lamenting the 'broken heart' it's left me as it ''went away''. Thanks, Mark, for sharing the pain I was trying to express. <3

Somehow in Pizzetta we ended the night eating and debating the fabby-levels of Colin Firth over that idiot actor that did the Hollywood atrocity-version of Pride and Prejudice. And then I was thoroughly shocked that Kate had *never* seen The Swan Princess. It's as though she broke the law of childhoodness. I'll have to lend it to her. Yep.

See what I mean about my mouth being bad for lipstick? At least there I'm deliberately pouting and tilting my chin up. Whilst trying not to break out in the grin she snapped me in three seconds later.
But it was fun. And they made me teeth look that extra bit pearly white.


Quickie review of the Revs cocktails, as I had em.
They were very expensive though so I only had 3. God. I started out with £30 and came back with about £5.
Nice - not all on the cocktails though. There was the, £2.15 for the bus, £3 on cake later, £3 on the first cocktail, £3 on the revs card so I would get the cocktails cheaper, £7 on two... oh yeah and the £3.80 I spent on food before we went out... darn it. Didn't keep track of the money too well. And I bought a strip for the raffle so that's another £1.50.

The Strawberry Woohoo: Valentine's Day special
Strawberry juice, vodka (I think) and something else. It wasn't too strong a flavour, which was good. It was quite refreshing and not pungent in fragrance. Plus you automatically get two straws.

The Fruiti Tutti: Vodka, Passion Fruit purée, orange, lime, lemonade
It wasn't as nice as the previous - the vodka tasted quite strong, and the fruits didn't come out as full in flavour as they should have. The lemonade fizz added a nice touch though. And I was tempted to eat the orange pieces in the glass.

The Bella Breeze: Pineapple and Amaretto
My favourite - it was so tasty. Utterly pineapple juice but with a lovely bite of Amaretto after taste. It was rather ''quaffable'', as the grandparents say. Which is perhaps a risk binge-drinking wise. Mark's had a weird foamy top, but mine didn't as much. Or I just drank it properly. It was tasty :3

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