Monday, 8 February 2010

5-day Adventure in Bournemouth - Days 2, 3 and 4

Tis now Monday. This is my 3rd morning in ol' Portland Road and my first bit of 'me time' since arriving, cause The Man-thing has gone to work.
Not that I'm complaining - absolutely not. I love being treated like a giant cuddly toy and getting bought drinks and food and general luvvin'. It's great fun and I feel speshspesh. (New word for the dictionary)

I do despair somewhat over the hygiene of my man-thing and the other manthings living in the house though. No remaining forks and having to eat with a spoon I can handle. Massive pile of unwashed plates and bowls (though not rinsed..) I can handle. His massive untidy-nest-material bedroom I can handle. But today when I scrubbed the toilet and sink after using dissolving cleaning spray I almost couldn't handle it. I'm not sure my fingers will ever feel clean again.
          From the toilet seat and lid, I disturbed a great layer of red stuff. I told him boys pee up the sides of everything, but he didn't believe me. From around the bowl and flushing button area I took up months of dust, hair (somehow pubic hair was there), fluff and green stuff. Nice. The inside of the bowel, which should be relatively smooth, right? That was rough and utterly un-phased by the dissolving bleach. Also had what I hope was just vomit around the areas where the flushing water doesn't reach.
The sink needed about 5 months of toothpaste, mouthwash and flush scrubbed away. I sprayed the shower but didn't get around to wiping it - someone had one after I left anyway. It'll help. I think there was some mucus down the side of the bath in the end where you climb in and it doesn't get washed away... I rinsed it a bit with the shower head, spraying over the side onto the already every-day-drenched carpet, but I didn't go too much into it since the water was freezing.
          The ultimately depressing thing, though, is that I *thoroughly* doubt that any of them will even notice - after all, grey/blue/green is the new gleaming white.
I am planning to live with Man-thing and some of his man-thing friends and one Woman-thing friend. I get on with her very well, Becky, and I feel incredibly guilty about not being able to 100% guarantee her that I'll be living with them, as it relies completely on my being accepted by Poole's teaching thing. Man-thing says that if I don't get to take up the house contract, they'll look for another girl anyway. Otherwise I'm sure poor Becky would be the *only* thing standing between newly discovered bacterium and suitable cleanliness. 
It only takes two minutes to rinse away toothpaste. To put bleach into the toilet after a particularly messy visit to it... But it took about 30minutes for me to clean the culmination. I know which I'd prefer to do...

So Saturday was good fun - Poole was nice, and I didn't buy anything in the end other than the cleaning materials from the 99p or less store. He got his comics though. 
Then we got back and waited for Becky and her Man-thing who were giving us a lift to Tower Park for the Chinese pig-out. It was really good fun - I didn't sit with him and so made quite a bit of conversation with, actually, non-anime people. I dunno. The anime lot are very nice people and I'm sure they're a laugh but I don't know that they really knew what to do with me hah. We'll see what happens tomorrow at Anime Soc.
A small group of us went to the Buffalo Bar up the highstreet for a while, but Man-thing and I went a little early. I always feel bad when he thinks he has to take me home cause I'm tired or feeling a bit off - I would have been fine sitting there and such, but the conversation was a bit lacking and I dunno. Was a bit slow and stuff. I'd have been perfectly ok to stay longer but with him asking every two mins if we should just go home, I get the feeling he half wants to, anyway.

Yesterday, Sunday, we didn't do a lot. Stayed in bed, watched t.v. I got dressed and showered eventually so we could go grab food, but Mister too forever to get dressed after the shower, and we had to rush the eating part. Went about 15mins away from the house to get pizza, and it took a while to be made. Ate half there in the takeaway and then put half in the fridge, for later, since we were due at the Wetherspoons about 15mins from the house in the opposite direction for about 7. 
We were doing the quiz there, for the hell of it. It was nice - the people I'd talked to at the Chinese were there, and we had a laugh. Came about 4th in the quiz, which isn't too bad but got beaten by other people we know, but don't necessarily get on well with. I came back from the loo and made eye contact with them and said hi as I went by their table, but I got the feeling they were a bit put out or confused, or unsure of how to respond. Never mind they've met me twice or three times before. Sam claims that he'd said I was visiting, but who knows. They probably didn't expect to see me at all hah.

Tonight we're spending in, and he claims that he's cooking something for me with the mince in the fridge. That'll be interesting. I'll probably do some work, now, actually.

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