Saturday, 6 February 2010

5-day Adventure in Bournemouth - Day 1

My train was about 20minutes late to Wolverhampton, so I missed the connection. Sucked, but the next one was due in another 40 minutes or so. I arrived an hour after planneded, and then we went home to change before nipping round the corner to his friend's house. Which was fine, except he took me back to his again cause I was a little tired and felt I was falling asleep. I was merely yawning. =P

Anyway. I've already declared my mission statement for this weekend:
To do away with the disgusting state of his bathroom. Honestly. It is disgusting, and I'm now convinced it was a mix of his and his housemates' laziness last year, as well as that one housemate's insanity. (He peed in bottles, so couldn't be expected to clean up his man shavings from the sink)

I just hope that that brown stuff floating to the end of the bath when I showered was just mould.

I've already made a shopping list in my head for cleaning tomorrow: rubber gloves, sanitary flushable ipes for the initial attack, and a special cloth also for the mould growing all the way up his window from about 9 months of condensation. Pretty.

Today though shall be fun day: Poole for comics and clothes, and then on to Tower Park for all you can eat Chinese with people obsessed with Japanese anime. Bit strange to go for Chinese, but then, maybe they don't care so long as it's oriental ;)


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