Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I always feel like one small sardine in a huge school of sardines when walking up the narrow path from my lecture theatre towards my college area; the 10minute gap at ten-to-the hour is one which is the most deadly of passages of time as hundreds of students stream either (if you're lucky) in the same direction as you are to the nearest cafe or next lecture/seminar, or, if you're returning to your flat, you're probably that one poor fish, lost, as the powerful gulf stream current attempts to buff you in the direction that it is going.

Although I've been going to bed a good 9 hours before I'm supposed to awake, I've not really been getting the rest needed from my nights. It kinda sucks knowing you've woken up quite a few times in the night - not quite fully consciously - and then finding your pillows uncomfortable and your bed too warm. But of course, it's far too cold to remove the duvet, so you curl up tighter in the hope that you'll drift off again.

This morning was particularly agonising, as once again the hot water had not started to come through the system yet, by 8am. Normally it's just about bearable to wash your hair in quickly, but this morning, until about 8.20, it might as well have been a bucket of ice cubes. Fortunately, it's just once a week that I am up before 8am, but really, the heating and hot water should be on by 7.30, since that is when the majority of students attending 9am lectures will need to be up by. Days where I have a 10am lecture, I'm usually in the shower by 8.30, and the hot water is fine.
I'm sure there's a passage somewhere in the Human Rights Act that says something about it counting as torture to force someone to shower with cold water. Not to mention the long-term damage it can do to your skin and hair. (Depending on the health "expert" you listen to.)

So now, after 2 hours of sitting in the same seat, I'm back in my room, planning lunch (chicken in white wine sauce and rice? Or maybe boiled eggs and beans and toast?) and warming up a little with last night's episode of House. Fortunately, I don't have to wait until America decides that it's been an unfair amount of time before airing the newest season in every other country. Muhahaha.

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