Sunday, 10 January 2010

Settling In

I was up bright and early this morning - well, bright purely because the sun was shining through the curtain onto my face with pure dazzling annoyingness.
I've reacquainted the shower with what it's like to be used. I got my first 2010 scalding as it did that weird "I'm going to go incredibly hot and melt your face then suddenly go freezing so that your melted skin stays that way" spurt of water. Nice.

I even went to Sainsbury's. I figured I'd better get food [you know, that stuff your body lives on]. So far today I've had a one-slice of bread sandwich and some ice cream that tasted off. Not really doing too well. BUT I do have food in. Which is good. I need to go to the on-campus local for some onion. And bread. Need bread.

But then, I always need bread. Seriously, those of you that aren't students are in for a shock: Bread is probably the most important item you can possibly have in your cupboard. It's better toasted, but you will still eat at least two loaves a week - breakfast, possibly a quick lunch or snack, and late-night snacking. BREAD is your FRIEND.

My room is a mess. I had clutter out already when I came back, so naturally the odd small item or whatever I've not put away yet is lying around on the desk and stuff. I think I need to reorganise my wardrobe and stuff, in order to put things away. Every thing's a mess. I am a perpetually untidy person, but I actually hate it x) Almost as much as I hate tidying up.
But I just leave "that one item" out until later, and then suddenly the room is incredibly cluttered. It's something my grandmother wishes she could beat out of me or something, I'm sure.

My timetable this term is utterly stupid. I've got Mondays free - that's fine by me. I can do extra homework, or studying, or do shopping or something. Fine. But what annoys me is that whilst I have Monday and Wednesdays utterly free, my 2.5 hour workshop from last term has been split up and two of the slots has been put onto my Friday. Now I have a full day starting 10am and finishing at 5. I've got 11 and 3pm free, but good grief, it's a bit early and late to eat lunch, no?

I think I might tidy up my room now, actually. Need to really attack the place. I've tidied up my food cupboards in the kitchen, I might as well throw things out/organise/move things around in here, too.

I'm already planning when to see The Boyfriend next. I think I might travel down on the 5th of February at about 4 (or if I really have to, 6... it'll be late, but never mind. Train should be empty, no?) and then stay until the Wednesday. So I've got him for the weekend and Monday and Tues... I'd be missing two lectures... but it should be ok. Obviously I'll take a view a little nearer the time. If I'm honestly struggling, I might have to go give it a pass. (;_;)

I miss the great lump.

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