Saturday, 30 January 2010

"Round and round, here we go again; the same old stuff never ends"

It's the end of my third week here at university. I'm over half way through my entire degree. Sh*t.
I'm starting to wonder if I can even hack the third year - I'll have so much more than I have to do now, and if I don't quite keep up now, then how will I manage writing 4 term essays, seminar work and the bloody dissertation at the same time? >.<

Ah well. I shan't worry about that now. I have to think ahead. To next week. Or the next 5 weeks. I suspect Week 5 will be the last fun week I have this term. Not a lot happens around here, and it's even less exciting since few people don't think they'll enjoy *any* social suggestions made, or they can't be bothered to make the effort to get their ass on a bus (with a bus pass, so it's not as though they've got money issues), or suggest you tag along to their whatever. Their loss, I suppose. [/ego]
Fussiness isn't something I have time for - I've decided this year to just grab any social opportunity I can, since I learned last term that it's impossible to wait for them to come along, let alone try to organise something. Laziness is a big factor - for those not coming, largely. I try not to take it personally - I've even stopped being offended by lack of invites except for the weekly quiz, which itself is getting rather boring and repetitive since they don't fancy doing other quizzes other than the bar which also happens to be the most expensive. Unless there's only me going, in which case, yeah, I'm mildly offended that I'm not enough to keep them coming. Especially after the minor fuss created by the one week I was doing something (without them) fun.

But anyway; I'm a little concerned that I've not actually started writing my essays yet. I've chosen some, yes, and I've started finding out about some of the content for one essay which I've half-planned, in my state of ignorance. But this time last term I was already at least 300 words into one, I'm sure, and had planned others. I think this term I'll be doing the Crusade more slowly, since it will be coming up in lectures and seminars to come, and I'll start my Della Porta essay soon since I'm doing seminar work on it this Wednesday/week. I suppose I do have it covered, really.
Maybe I'm just angsty cause I'm spending the weekend at Bournemouth, end of week 4, start of week 5. The journey was planned down to the very last detail around the weekend before Week 1 officially started. I would have gone earlier in the year, but week 5 was better for us psychologically - that way we've broken the time we don't see each other in half. It should be a good 4 days.

Friday 5th: Arrive at 10.15pm by train (Nice...)
Saturday 6th: Accompany him to Poole, where he can do his comic buyage, and then we'll slowly drift through the great shopping centre to see if I can find me some clothes I like (!) Then in the evening, we got a dinner date with the Anime Society there. All-you-can-eat Chinese. Good times.
Sunday 7th: Couple time?
Monday 8th: He goes to work and I'll wander around or do some of my own. Maybe cook him something nice for lunch? Got nothing else to do, and I learn new stuffs as I go looking for a nice recipe.
Tuesday 9th: He goes to work, but gets afternoon off, and we do stuffs.
Wednesday 10th: I get on a train at around 13:45 to get back to Lancaster at around 7 in the evening. And I cry in my room before getting on with the rest of uni work.
And then on Friday 12th, it's the History Society's charity ball. 80s theme. I can't wait - plus you know, I'm hyped cause of my cool as outfit. I've not been in this Revolution yet, since it's so expensive. But we've got an entire half of the room privately booked for free, with only £50 spent on the 80s d├ęcor. Cheapest ball. Ever.

See, week 5, I've no seminars to deal with, so I can spend the weekend on my Tuesday seminars for the next week, and then the rest of the week is fine for seminar work, so I'll be working on essays. I bet it's just my luck though that the notes on Tuesday's lectures are exactly what I need for the Crusade essay...Oh well. It's a risk I'll have to take, and extra reading I'll have to do.

I love going to Bournemouth. It's a shame the history course there is so... well. Yeah. Not great. But the town is really nice, and it's all laid back there. There's night-life worth having, for most music-groups and dress styles, and you can walk EVERYWHERE. I envy him for that. I can understand why he hates coming home to Cambridge over the holidays - we're stuck where transport is concerned. I get frustrated because of the cost and infrequency. He gets frustrated cause he has to use it at all. Sucks. It's a bit expensive to live there, too, though. Housing is a bit pricey. And I suppose I can criticise some of the crazy infrastructure and the crazy drivers of said infrastructure. God, they're almost as bad as A1307 users.
But most of all, it's got my Man-thing there. <3

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