Friday, 22 January 2010

Random Ramblings.

Well this week was quite a bit busier than last - I had seminars to go to, and I received back my essays and their marks. Generally fairly pleased, for now, until I get my last one, though I was disappointed with the mark I got for my short essay - though it was fair, and a friend that did the same question got a similar mark. We both focused too much I think in such a thematic and therefore not-indepth essay. Oh well. It's a proper essay this term, so I'll also be putting far more effort in, I should think. So far I'm averaging out at 64%. Which is a bit low considering I've got to bump myself for the crapness that shall be the exams. I'm aiming for a 2:1 in my degree - since a first is impossible for me, if I'm realistic.

Today was odd, simply cause I've never had a full day such as this. If I had had a seminar for my Islam course, it would have been quite exhausting. After getting up at 8, I managed to keep myself awake and bonny-looking for my 10am, then I chilled for an hour at my college diner with a couple of friends, then I had another lecture back in the same room, after which I had lunch at said diner, then a seminar for the previous lecture topic, then I read my book (great book - Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley, her second adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast") and then had my 4pm lecture, which I admit I did start to find it hard to keep my eyes open in the last 15 minutes or so. And my handwriting suffered.

I did learn something fairly interesting though. The lecture in which I got my 'dud' essay back, he went through various things in general people got wrong - grammar, format etc. And he told us why and how to quote book titles in essays. If anybody has been reading my blog, or if one were to scroll through previous blogs, you'd see I've been putting film titles and book titles in italics - out of habit, partly, but also cause I just prefer to do so. I never realised there was an actual academic difference between using quotation marks (" ") and italic font. You should never use both, but that's just obvious.
Apparently, the reason one italics the title of a book is to show it has been published. It is a published work. If I were to put it in a normal font, in quotation marks, such as I did with ""Beauty and the Beast"", it would indicate that this was an unpublished manuscript that I was quoting from - indeed, I decided to put 'Beauty and the Beast' in quotation marks simply because it is such an old folk tale that I don't see how it can really count as being published - obviously there are many versions. I guess I *should* italicise it, but it's a bit more tricky with old fairy tales of unknown origin.

I also considered why the door exiting the corridor in the style of a french window was labelled as ''out of order", when it occured to me, quite suddenly upon reading the sign, that ''out of order'' probably comes from ''out of sorts'' or ''out of the ordinary'' - in that it's not functioning ordinarily.
Probably obvious, but then those sorts of realisations of obvious meanings are generally because they're so obvious you don't even think about it.

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