Sunday, 10 January 2010


Well. I've had a busy day. You know, sitting around at the computer screen thinking about tidying up. Getting up and sorting out the wardrobe. Moving my hoody to the chair. Drying my two dishes. Sitting down again and wondering what to make for dinner. Exhausting.

I've found myself catching up (a little) with my Scottish Friend, whose blog I am now following. She happened to be on Facebook, and we had a small wall conversation. It's bizarre. I forget she's the same age as The Brother, so it seems extra weird knowing we've chatted on and off since she was 12. That's pretty much 5 years. (Oh ****! I'm almost 2 decades old!!! No, get a grip, Maus. You just like drama.)

I also read that my Australian Friend and his From-Berwick Girlfriend had attempted a phone call, but naturally, with call charges being what they are, they only talked about 18 minutes. I asked if they had thought of skype and was then semi-interrogated (ok, exaggerating, for the fun words) by Australian Friend about it. I was really surprised he'd not known about it properly. As I told him, it's a life-saver. I reckon the majority of foreign students on campus have either bought their parents a webcam, or for those from poorer countries, have a £5 a month unlimited anywhere-in-the-world call subscription. I have one for calling home at about £3 a month, and it's really good. So long as you don't move your mouth away from the mic...

I dunno how The Boyfriend and I would cope without Skype. Attempt to make calls through Gtalk, I guess. But being able to see him via Webcam or just talk to him normally once a while really helped. Well, helped me, at least.

I got a fancy-looking notebook for Christmas, from The Boyfriend's parents. It's really nice, but with unlined paper inside. Which is fine. But makes me wonder what to use it for. I could draw in it, but I'm not really into drawing at the moment - in that I've got out of practice and get frustrated with myself. I could keep it for diary writing or to write little poems in there, since I do that sometimes, but the lack of lines... eh. Actually. That doesn't really matter. I'll probably do that.

Unless someone else suggests something to do with it.

Oh and expect the background and layout of the blog to change a lot. I might even revert to my original choice. It depends.

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