Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Past writings

I found a Word document of poems I'd written over time either for school (well, one for school) or just in moments of annoyance or inspiration after a book or thinking about history.

Sometimes I can't believe I wrote some of these, other times, I think ''yeah, that was crap''. But I keep them anyway - why not? They still stir in me some emotion, so they must be at least a little good, right?

I was thinking of starting a sister blog - just for my writings, occasional creative passages or pieces, and I think I might do that. I can update it whenever I get going for example. Create categories so that if I end up writing an on-going drama/story, I can put all the chapters within that category, poems in another etc.

I think I will do that. Sounds almost like fun. 

 I'll update them at least once a day, until I run out of poems I can think of or remember. Then I'll start with random extracts of writings, or publishing an unfinished story I'd written once... Possibly.

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