Monday, 11 January 2010

Official First Day Back

It is indeed. Everyone I know is off to a lecture or seminar. Except me. I have none. Whatsoever. So I shall be running errands and doing that tidying I was thinking about yesterday. (No, really, I will do it today).
Today, I am going to attempt once more, to make spaghetti bolognaise *exactly* the way my grandmother does. I got the mince I think she buys, I've got tinned tomato this time, and I will be adding onion again. I think part of the problem for me is that my saucepan is actually very small. Perhaps Chieh will let me borrow his, then I'll put the left overs into my own.
My god, someone needs to put grease in the lift mechanisms. It's horrendous! Honestly. Last term, I thought it sounded more like people moving furniture around a floor or two down, which I couldn't work out, since the kitchens are opposite the rooms below me. But now I realise it was the lift. Cause now, it's that noise times 100. It vibrates my desk. Not lying. It actually does. The Boyfriend could hear it over skype - he thought it sounded like a ''mechanical whale moaning'', or similar to the weird 'wailing moose' noises he and Ash [his bromance] make as a form of "conversation". And I suppose it kinda does. But it's now loud enough to disturb my sleep a little bit, so I'm going to ask the Porter whether maintenance can be carried out. I'm sure the cold has affected it, but there's no reason why Daniel, the people below him and me, the people opposite the lift next door, and the people below them should be disturbed all day, and almost all night. I'd turn my music up, but that'd be anti-social. Heh heh heh.

It's only the chains and whatever it is that pulls the lift up and down. When it comes up, it's worse: cause it's pulling a weight. It's not so bad going down, but it does sound as though it's thoroughly relieved. Of course, it'd be unreasonable to lock the lift after the official time when people *have* to be considerate, so I guess all I can do is hope the Porter takes me seriously, and there's maintenance scheduled. I mean, there's general maintenance on the lift at most inconvenient and nonsensical times during term anyway.
I could hear the lift last year - but I was in the flat next door and down the corridor. It wasn't as noticeable. Now I'm in the room next to the backing wall of the lift, it's insane. Before the end of term though, it wasn't too bad.

I'm currently reading Robyn McKingley's Rose Daughter, which is a version of Beauty and the Beast. She'd written another version, Beauty, which I *love*, but this one is more adult and very different already. The back story is a great contrast. I have a sudden love for rewrites of fairy tales. I don't know why. I mean, I've always liked films and books and general fairy tales, but these I actually love. And Robyn McKingley is a fantastic author. I recommend her books. Although I think that The Outlaws of Sherwood is rather slow-going. I haven't finished that yet, cause I was really waiting for Deerskin which is really haunting, at the time.

I watched The Proposal last night. I'm a bit of a sucker for comedy romances, and it's sort of. What I watch to wind down a bit, and for a bit of a giggle. I had to say, this one made me laugh, but it also contained truly painful (as in, comic pain) moments. But it was uplifting yadayada and contained the generic plot elements: boy hates girl; girl hates boy; one is icey, the other is wholesome; they visit wholesome's family; and icey warms up to them. Loving mother, objecting father, crazy grandmother (by the lovely Betty White) and all of that nonsense. But it was a fun film. Nice to watch with a mug of hot chocolate (if I had one), with fluffy slippers (If I had some) and a nice thick dressing gown (rather than my thin, needs-replacing-summer one) on a squishy sofa (if I had room in my box bedroom for one).

Sandra Bullock is actually rather pretty, when she doesn't have a severe hair style, as was obviously part of her character anyway. And my god, I wish I could walk in those heels. She had legs and feet of steel. They were at least 5 inches high, and I'm not sure that the point of those stilettos was even a full millimetre.

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