Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I have some. I mean, everybody does, techincally. If you notice something, and then keep thinking about it, of course that counts as a mild obsession. If you notice you're angry at a memory or something, then feel ashamed, then angry that you feel ashamed about being angry at the original thing, that counts as obsessing.

I just (naughtily, whilst I wait for the real copy) downloaded the soundtrack to a film. It's not the same as the wikipedia track listings, nor the listings on the amazon websites. I've managed to identify which instrumental tracks are which and corrected them. HOWEVER. The version I downloaded doesn't have to the two (rubbish) ''professional'' renditions of two of the songs in the film, and has instead included two extra instrumental tracks. I know precisely where one of them is in the film, so I can give it an appropriate name, but the second one is really bugging me. I mean, seriously. It sounds as though it's part of the beginning, but at the same time, has themes from the fight scene at the end. I have resolved to watch the film purely to place that one stupid track. Yes. Really. I've just spent that long on the other poorly labelled tracks that I just *have* to finish it and know what it is.

All very well, adding two extra tracks, but blinking eck, where did he get them from? No amount of googling has lead me to an extended edition of the cd, or anything like that, so I suspect he separated it from the film, somehow?

I now have a History Society meeting. They probably wouldn't care if I didn't turn up, but it'll be nice to say hi to people. And take a break from that god-damn track. Good grief. I can tell it'll bug me until I watch the damn film.

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