Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Obsessions II

I have solved the mystery of the unknown track - it is indeed the first scene I thought it might be from; I just didn't recognise one part cause in the film, it's atmospheric and not really foremost in one's listening, since there is dialogue.

The History Society has agreed for definite that the ball we're having week 5 will be 80s themed. I have something vaguely suitable I can fall back on if I need to, but I'd really quite like to get colourful and funky, so I'll be obsessing over where best to buy things. I might get this top I saw online for £8.75 (inc postage - top is £4.80) not what I'd normally wear, but it's fun and just utterly silly. Grab a purple tutu and footless tights and I'm there. Yer. See if someone has boots I can borrow, or just wear pumps once inside Revolution. Should be fun. Grab some cheap bright coloured bead necklaces, and it's all fine. Just the make up will be a non-event.

I've got my flatmate possibly coming, and she'll ask her bf and his flatmates, whom I get on with fairly well. And I'll try to drag my other friend Hannah along. Her whole wardrobe is pretty 80s themed, so even if she can't go, I can always ask to borrow something of hers. x) I'd wash them and stuff, of course.

Kinda amazed I found a costume. Saves time with other fancy dress things, too. Which is nice. And I don't over-wear the cheap but otherwise nice dress I do have. I really need to buy some nice clothes. It's just I don't like a lot of the fashions at the moment, or they're not really suitable for my body type, in my opinion. Apparently hour-glass figures aren't normal.

The Boyfriend is really quite obsessed with his damn comics. It's all he ever talks about x) I want to ask him advice, or I leave a long reel of one-sided conversation, cause we're apparently ''talking'', then he'll ignore all of that and link me to some online comic, or some up-coming hard-copy comics he's waiting for, or mention the cover of a new one he's got. Just would be nice if I didn't feel as though I needn't bother saying anything other than "I miss you", "I love you", "Can't wait to see you" all the time, since that's all he responds to, now.

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