Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Well. It seems Maus might well have found a new home for herself after 2 years on the msn-space pages. I have to say, this is *far*less customisable, but perhaps that's because it's more grown up a format? Who knows. I might well delete this blog page and everything afterwards.

I had found another blog page site, at, but I found it rather plain and the editing controls too basic. I have no uploaded any pictures yet, as you can see, as I have none on my laptop at present. I shall have a fiddle when I have the time at university.

Snow! Snow snow snow. I hate it, personally. It's cold, it's wet and it's too white. Oh sure, it's pretty for a while, and it's fun identifying tracks made in the snow. But then it turns to ice, and slush and it causes absolute mayhem on the roads and railways. I want to get back to Lancaster on Saturday with my lovely £6.75 ticket! I don't want to pay £80 for a one-way ticket just because it snowed a little bit! Booo!

I hope you all had a good Christmas. Mine was certainly better than it has been in a while, or maybe I just noticed it more. Who knows?

Whilst I'd love to call him 'Him Indoors', we do not actually live together, so I shall, until that is the case or we've ended the relationship, continue to refer to The Boyfriend as 'The Boyfriend'. Fairly simple logic there, I think, yes?
Anyway, said person bought me tickets for Christmas to see the stage production of Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat with some runner up or other of that T.V. Show, 'Any Dream Will Do'. The blond northern bloke. Lee? Can't remember. Not the guy I voted for, but never mind.

It was a good show - well sung, and the theatre was absolutely full. Only thing I didn't like was this one 3 minute scene added for no reason and the 20 odd minute ''MegaMix'' at the end, when we'd much rather not hear the entire musical condensced poorly into such a short time as a form of 'credits'.

Nobody will ever replace Donny Osmand in my heart where that musical is concerned, but it was a jolly good evening.

...Yes. I have turned posh all of a sudden.

Spent Boxing Day at The Boyfriend's family's house, and New Years he spent here, which was fantastic, also. His parents/grandparents didn't get as drunk as last Boxing Day, but they were still a good laugh.

I have this incredible sense of guilt at the moment. I had about 4 essay deadlines in for the last day of term - and the next deadlines aren't till the last day of next term. I have no work to do. And yet everybody else I know has managed to have some project or other they have to be doing over the holidays, which puts me unnecessarily on edge! I was going to do some notes revising over the holidays, but found I had not the room to bring my books with me home in my little travel case and rucksack. Ah well.

It's not my fault their universities pile it all on willy nilly of term times, is it!?

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