Saturday, 23 January 2010

The most beautiful film I've ever seen.

From the 5-minute short film before the main feature, to the end credits of the main feature, Disney-Pixar's UP is a real treat. O.k, so there is a lot of incredibly heart-tugging ''adult content'', but that won't detract from it being enjoyable for anybody of any age - it has comedy, sensitivity and an ultimately happy ending. Giant birds, talking dogs, self-isolating old man, a crazed villain created out of a shamed explorer, more talking dogs, an annoying yet endearing fat boy scout and a house suspended by helium balloons.
What more could you possibly want?

Apart from a real life marriage as happy and beautiful as the idyllic union of Carl and Ellie, two adventure-loving wanna-be explorers that meet as children and grow old together, and dream the same dream. Unfortunately, Ellie doesn't get to live the dream, but her spirit is clearly with the old Carl, and their house.

The landscapes are fantastic, the animation amazing (even in 2D it looked pretty 3D a few times anyway) and fantastic voice actors. The soundtrack is touching and atmospheric, and the entire film will have you laughing, holding your breath, or welling up at the non-mushy sentimentality.

I've got it on pre-order already. <3

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