Saturday, 30 January 2010

The latest female sanitary product is priced at $499.

Yes, ladies (and gents), Apple has released its latest products, and I am certainly not the first nor last person to snigger and come up with endless jokes about the name they've given it.

Yes, the iPad has taken the internet by storm. I first heard of it on Facebook, after friends were making jokes, and then an article was posted from, which has a wonderful list of great internet jokes about this poorly named app.
It would appear that there are no women on the iPad's creation team, as well. Tut tut Apple.

I have so far been more amused by some (the minority, fortunately) reactions to the jokes made by men and  especially women about the new digital age of experiencing one's period. Apparently it's disgusting to joke about. Per-lease. Grow up.
It's a natural occurrence in about 50% of the world's population. You can't hide from it, you can't not joke about it (since you boys come up with far cruder, disgusting and even worrying jokes on sites such as 4chan and in your macho company) and frankly, if you're scared about periods more than you are about being a father, then good luck finding a woman who'll have a hysterectomy for you.

But seriously. So far I'm unimpressed - it just looks like a clumpy and new version of the iPod touch, to me, but there we go. According to one top guy in an article listing things wrong with it, it's "the size of a small t.v dinner tray". There's also general problems like a garish backlit LCD screen that drains batteries and all that technical nonsense.
Software-wise, it's still lacking flash, and apparently the screen resolution isn't big enough. (though the suggested res is pretty much negligible, apparently)
And it's got no webcam. Boohoo.
And once again Apple is making it and its software exclusive and it'll be impossible to install anything else. But then, I'm not as surprised as The Boyfriend appeared to be at this news.

Ah well. I'm ok. I can get a pack of 10 from Sainsbury's for less than £4.

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