Sunday, 31 January 2010

"It's like Bleeding Gums Murphy has taken over your facebook page. xD"

I am currently in love with this song:
They are the Japanese Bon Jovi / 80s Reggae band (this song not being a Reggae one, of course).
First heard it cause it's been used for the intro theme of a new Anime I'm watching, Durarara!
It's by the same people that did another I really enjoy, so I gave it a go etc. It's ok, so far. Only 4 episodes in, and it's not quite as hooking as Baccano!, but at the same time I know that there's some point to doing each character's back story per episode.

Speaking of the Baccano! theme, I've wanted to play it on my sax for a while, and so I thought I'd see if I can get the sheet music either free or for a reasonable price online. Turns out some douche has transposed if for the violin, of all instruments, so I've spent this afternoon relearning how to transpose stuff. I've written out the entire score (without the bass backing unfortunately) for my saxophone. Fun times. It's been causing me to have flashbacks to GCSE Music and Grade 5 theory.
Having gone over in pen, so it's more legible than my blunt pencil, and making it look shiny, I've just played the intro vid (since the full version of the song differs to the intro sheet music) and it seems to work! \o/ I just hope it sounds ok on the sax, otherwise that's a good...2 hours wasted. =D

So, I've been moaning in my facebook status(es) about my lack of saxophone in the near vicinity - I don't care what time it is, I want to play! Hence the comment I've quoted as my blog title.

I stayed up stupidly late last night, and slept a little longer than I planned, but I can still feel sleep playing at my eyes. Good. I've got to be up at a normal time tomorrow, so that Tuesday isn't too much of a torture at 7.30am. (7.45 actually getting out of bed...) I anticipate freezing water on Tuesday. Again. I've started having breakfast and such first, then rushing a lukewarm shower at about 8.20 in order to be dressed by 8.45 latest to be at my lecture probably more than 5 minutes early. Such is life.

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