Saturday, 16 January 2010

"It's Complicated"

Well, no, it isn't. It's a wonderfully simple plot, but it worked. Quite well, actually.
I actually want my uncle and his ex-wife to watch this. Sort of. Except, of course, without screwing up their children in the process. Ok. Maybe they shouldn't get ideas.

But as much as I dislike Alec Baldwin, Nancy Meyers has again written a wonderful script which is a light, honestly funny piece of screenplay I've watched in a while. I'm not saying it's the best film ever, of course not, but I honestly did enjoy it. At just over 2 hours, it was just right, and the ending was sobering but without depressing the audience after the funny turmoil of a sexual relationship of madness between a divorced couple.

Meet Jane, (Meryl Streep) the ex-wife who has not really had a relationship in 10 years, save one 8-month thing with a man now married elsewhere. Her children are the only reason she sees her ex-husband, apart from some mutual friends, and they do get on. Sort of. They've learned to.
Jake (Alec Baldwin) is the adulterous husband that married a much younger, skinny thing, and took on her illegitimate child, and is clearly very unhappy in the marriage - especially now that she's getting him to have fertility treatment cause she wants another baby before "their" 5-year old is too old. Of course Jake feels somewhat reluctant, since they're arguing, he's out of love, and he's already got 3 graduated children - that baby would mean his next graduation attendance would be at 79.

Jane and Jake meet in the bar of the hotel they're both staying (for their son's graduation), they get incredibly drunk and have sex. Fortunately, we don't see it, we just hear Jake make "omigod-please-stop-talking-style" comments about the *amazing* time they'd just had - crass and praising - and then goes on to suggest they keep doing it.
Meanwhile, as is typical in a plot like this, Jane had been growing quite close with a newly (in comparison - 2 years to her 10) divorced architect Adam (Steve Martin).
It all spirals, and her children *sort* of get caught in the middle, and it all comes out, and I won't tell you how it ends.

It's grown up, it's thoughtfully done, but it's also incredibly fun to watch with the girls.
I'd actually consider this on d.v.d for those rare girly nights with a bottle of wine or two just for a laugh.

And my god. Alec Baldwin is brave - we see... a LOT of him. Perhaps more than we'd wish to. But being a 15-rated film, we don't see *everything*, fortunately.

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