Saturday, 23 January 2010

80s a-go-go

In reference to the previous blog entry: wow. It would seem that if you put your title in < > marks, it doesn't show up at all - the title had been " but apparently that's too html-y. Interesting.

Well I've got back from shopping with Hannah. Twas kinda fun. Though I'm regretting the choc-mint-icing chocolate cupcake from the Yummy Cupcake Company. That was just too... too rich a flavour.
Feel as though I've eaten too much of the left over melted bits of mint-chocolate ice cream from the bottom of a tub you've been eating for two hours.

I actually spent quite a lot in town today. Some of it unfortunately was unnecessary or wasted, but nevermind. I'll find a use for it I'm sure.
Of the list in the previous blog, I got:

Black (sparkly) nail varnish - it was cheap and my god, it looks it. It's watery black and streaks when you put it on. I'll have to practice with that.
Footless tights
Colourful beads - blue and pink. The pink was too much in the end, but I got funky neon star dangly earings which I actually somewhat adore.
Blue eyeshadow which looks *awful* so I'll have to keep playing with that - it was a 3-tone set powder stuff.
Lipgloss that isn't all that colouring after all
A tutu - it's black and purple and we bought it as a risk buy, and unfortunately it didn't pay off - it doesn't work at all. Shirt's too long. I'm just wearing my denim shorts underneath over the footless tights, and the top only shows about a centimeter of the shorts, and it's kinda cool, with the light blue showing under the black and purple.

I failed to get the book, unfortunately. Didn't really cross my mind.

I don't really want to consider how much I ended up spending on all this tat... it'll make me cry. Didn't get the t shirts I wanted from New Look - couldn't really find them. I am tempted to invest in the multi-multi-way bra from Ann Summers - it's so multi-way it has four hooks for the removable straps, which means you can do *anything*. Seriously. I could easily have two straps - one normal shoulder and one cross-shoulder like my shirt, unlike the current multi-ways which just allow you to have one side strap at a time.

Unfortunately, I can't upload a photo of me in my 80s get up, since, well, my camera no longer works with the usb connector. :(

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