Sunday, 17 January 2010

"In a gadda da vida, honey / Don't you know that I'm lovin' you?"

Viva la 60s Rock'n'Roll, and the rock'n'roll that followed for a good 40 years afterwards.

Just spent about 3 and a half hours with two of my flatmates watching The Boat That Rocked (had heard good things, but not watched it. It was good) and then just talking in general about random things. It was very nice. Unfortunately, Becky's room is so beautifully tidy and empty and yet decorated, I want to cry at the state of my own cluttered and unfortunately full room. I actually want to spend tonight just. Reorganising everything - I've seen how economically the wardrobe and such can be used for clothes - she has waaaaaay more clothes than me. My bookshelves can be better spaced out, and well, I want to do that. So I will be tonight. I can wash clothes/read books tomorrow.

It's amazing how seeing how one person has made space can spur another person that fails to use space as economically on to change her ways.

Then again, I'll probably look back on this in about... 3 months time and wonder why it's still a tip in here.

So that is my blog: a statement. That I shall, by the end of Wednesday or so, have cleaned my room properly.

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