Saturday, 23 January 2010

I had briefly, the other day, considered opening another blog page as a dream journal. But then I had a rather... shall we say, nymphomaniac night (sorry, Brother and anybody else related to me), I decided perhaps that that wasn't the way to go. I had another series of weird and even distressing dreams this morning, in my post-alarm pre-waking-up-three-hours-later catch-up sleep which would have been cool to note down, but at the same time, I don't really want to think about them too much.

I'm currently also going through a phase where I really *want* to start creative writing again, but at the same time, if I plan it, that idea gets scrapped, or if I ignore the planning part, I start writing and that gets very scrapped. I guess I'm somewhat out of practice.

I've managed to merge my shopping trip with that of a friend of mine - who is somewhat of a hermit, when she's not meeting someone for a film night, or something - so wahey me. We were meeting up to see UP later at the student cinema anyway, and I don't really feel like being on my own today. Besides, she can help me with my 80s outfit tonnes. I actually really like her, (though at first I found her constant babble and at times slightly loud voice annoying at first) and it'd be cool to hang with her sometimes, when we both have nothing much else on. We have authors and some music in common and a general misfitness that we can both sympathise each other with, hah.

So. Check list for today. I should be getting:
A skirt and/or tutu (one normal, one 80s)
Footless tights
Boots and or Heels
Black nail varnish and or red nail varnish (I've never really worn either, and can find them nice colours, so this should be interesting)
Cheap lipstick/lip-gloss - preferably dark pink/red for ball
purple/blue/black eye-shadow for ball
hair spray
T-shirts I saw in New Look that I rather liked
Dress/going out top/something *nice*
And Are these my bazoomas I see before me?, by Louise Renninson. I've not read her final instalment yet, and it's finally out in paper back.

I bet I come back with at most... two of these items.

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