Saturday, 9 January 2010

David Tennant thinks that David Cameron is scarier than the Cybermen!

I actually agree. Mostly cause I think quite a few things are scarier than the Cybermen ;P But also cause it's Cameron, and he's an idiot. But an idiot with the power to influence people.

But since that's just by the by, I'll just munch on some beans from this here saucepan (saving on washing up) and think about what to say in this blog apart from the obvious: how utterly over-hyped the snow up north was (not as deep as where I live - you can see grass!), and all my training problems were caused by one that was an ancient model and had run out of whatever trains run on these days.

Saw some *awesome* icicles. I'm talking proper stalactites of ice, hanging from rock faces which would ordinarily be covered in moss, by the side of the road. I found myself imagining how Gnomes (old childhood fascination cause of a fantastic book on them) would cope with them; if they fell on anything passing under - Gnome or rodent - they would kill said passer by.

Should I be worried that the circulation in my feet is worse than that of a member of the undead? I mean, from where my arch should be (flat feet) onwards, it's so cold that it's painful. My heel is cold, but not frozen. I don't bother wearing more than one layer on my feet any more, simply cause it does no good. It's a bit disturbing in some ways. I'm more concerned with that than I am with a funny area which was shown on my scan which needs rescanning in 10 weeks' time, to make sure it's not anything weird. It probably will be something weird, but harmless, but none-the-less, I'm somewhat perturbed by my toes' inability to keep warm.At least I've not developed full-on frost bite or chilblains. That'd be... Awkward, mostly.

Only 3 of my flatmates are here thus far: Chieh, the Chinese 4th year, Hannah, another 4th and Becky, the other 4th. Just waiting on loud Daniel, Hairdryer Becci, Eva and Charlotte. Good times. Seems at least two of my friends are back, so that's good.
I'm eating a tin of beans, as I said, because that is all I have in at the moment. Well. That I can be bothered to cook. Turns out I had more in the freezer than I thought - sausages, not just chips and onion rings and a tub of half-eaten Ben and Jerry's (the last week of last term was a toughie and required it).

I learned quite a lot on today's journey. I learned that I am not the only person ever to have left an instrument larger than a flute on a form of public transport. I also learned that celebs are more likely to strip off happily if they've lost 2.5 stone. (Well done, girls. I had no idea you were fat before today, but congratulations. The Pro-Anorexia websites out there are rooting for you!)
I've also learned that it is *utterly* unreasonable to ask at the train information desk when the next train is going to be, because obviously you can work it out without knowing which train service you are supposed to use and it's not their job to know, is it? It only said ''train times and enquiries" over the desk. I suppose I should recognise a rhetorical sign when I see one.

God. Some people just shouldn't work in the public sector. Not if they can't cope when their own train services mean that loads of people need to find a new train to ride on cause the previous one broke down and made them late. xD

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