Monday, 11 January 2010

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Hehe. New desktop.

I don't generally go for buying posters/using desktops of famous people. Especially since the majority of just chunky (as in worked-out to the max) men that totally turn me off, or don't take very attractive photos or whatever. I tend to go with art or a band or a photo of me and The Boyfriend.

But Mr Law. Mraow.
Although searching through pictures on google, you do seem to have been caught outside, utterly front-on naked, trying to put on some chequered boxer shorts. Not good. Nope. I wag my finger at you. And that sun burn just shows you do not take care of your skin.

It's plain. It's got his features at a good angle (I want his nose. It is such a good nose - sound as though I'm a nose fanatic, there. I'm not.) and my god, his eyes are just. Wow.

His English accent sounded a bit fake next to Cameron Diaz's thick hollywoodised-blonde accent in The Holiday (was on the last two boxing days in a row), though.

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